James and Bridget Flanagan
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James and Bridget Flanagan arrived in Port Huron, Michigan in 1865 after traveling from New York. They had two sons Patrick & John and two daughters Catherine & Mary. Port Huron was known for its timber and shipping industries. The city is located near the St. Clair River and Lake Huron along the Canadian border.

Mick Byczek is the great-great-grandson of James and Bridget Flanagan and has compiled the genealogical records associated with the Flanagan family in Michigan.

James Flanagan passed away in 1882. Bridget and her sister Mary Gaharn lived together for the next three decades. Patrick Flanagan remained with his mother until his arrival in Chicago. He wed Anna Kane in 1886 and raised a family of three sons and six daughters on the south side of Chicago. His sister Catherine and brother John were also married in Chicago. Mary Flanagan remained in Port Huron until her husband passed away in the 1910s when she moved to Los Angeles to join her brother John. Bridget Flanagan was laid to rest in 1914. The Flanagan family arranged for Catherine to acquire the family residence in Port Huron. It remained in the family until the late 1920s.


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